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This podcast was created to share long-form conversations and candid discussions with some of the most inspiring people I know in my life. There are always two sides to every story, but not everyone knows how to tell their own. Giving them a way to do so is the purpose of Jonas Togo Talks

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Saturday Sep 26, 2020

Christian Aachmann is the Co-founder & CMO of Shaping New Tomorrow. Playing and editing Counter-Strike gameplays as a teenager, Christian developed his interest in filmmaking and storytelling.  After his time in the Danish army serving as a sergeant, he started filming again with his friends and founders of SNT, Kristoffer Bak & Kasper Ulrich, who had an idea about creating a new clothing brand for men back in 2015. Now he had to focus his creativity on how to build a brand

Saturday Jul 18, 2020

Eiqu Miller was the first YouTuber in Denmark to interview & perform with KSI. Listen to how Eiqu had to produce a full album before the concert, that he was never meant to perform in Vega & how this experienced changed his life

Tuesday Jun 23, 2020

On the very 1st episode of Jonas Togo Talks, I got to interview one of the most hardworking creators I know. Albert Soap is one of the best examples on ''The harder you work, the Luckier you get'' as we talked about his time in Los Angeles & why setting personal goals are so important. By now, this is the only long format interview you can find with Albert online. Get ready to learn more about Mr. Soap 

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